Behavior Resources

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Behavior Resources day program/vocational training program is  a Community-based Behavior Management Day Program that was formed in 1987, with an emphasis on job training, community integration, and enriching the lives of adults with developmental challenges, and continues the same mission today. We provide on-the-job training for our clients, teaching them the value of quality work, and the opportunity to earn a paycheck via our recycling project. We work with each client to help them reach their individual potential.

Our Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to provide a safe, supportive, educational environment for adults with developmental challenges so that they may become effective contributing members of the community.

Historically, people with developmental challenges have been devalued by our society, and denied access to integrated work, living, and recreational environments. Consequently, it is the prime objective of this Program to join with Regional Center of Orange County, Regional Centers in Los Angeles County, and other day programs in these areas to provide a real choice for persons with such challenges.

The therapeutic and philosophical approach is based on the principle of normalization in an integrative context. All Program efforts emphasize the building of skills for each of the clients in the Program, and the use of positive practices rather than aversive techniques. To provide effective training, the staff use consistent role-modeling, instruction, and reinforcement in the behaviors of everyday life. The philosophy of the Program is that each individual responds to behavioral interventions that are positive in nature.

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